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Picnic Sites
These sites have become almost synonymous with the July itself and the demand is huge!

How do I get one?
At the beginning of each year, we at Event World contact each site holder to find out if they would like to renew their site for the upcoming Vodacom Durban July. Those sites that are released are then passed onto the waiting list of people eager for a site. The current site holders are also given the opportunity to move to another site is they wish but again would need to go onto a waiting list for this.

How much do they cost?The costs vary according to which site you would like.

Can I decorate my site?
Each year the picnic sites are getting better and bolder. With people either bringing in specialist décor companies or doing it them selves, it is amazing to see how each person interprets the theme for that year. The theme for each year is decided in advance by Gold Circle and an award is given to the best decorated picnic site. To be sent the décor brief for the 2011 Vodacom Durban July once it has been decided then please contact our office via the picnic site enquiry form.

Please also remember no company banners or advertising is allowed on your site as Vodacom have the full rights to the event.

As always security becomes an issue and each site holder is responsible for any items left on their site, and we not advise leaving items over night, as you may not find them the next day!

Where are they?
There are 5 different picnic site enclosures each offering a different experience for the holder and their guests. Each enclosure is differently priced and comes with different amounts of furniture, and some with TV sets.

For more info on each enclosure including layouts and info on what each site comes with then please click on picnic sites. To go onto our existing waiting list for a 2019 picnic site please contact us

Corporate Marquees
These operate in a similar way to the picnic sites. Each marquee holder is offered their site for the upcoming year before any sites are released.

There is also a waiting list for these sites, but please contact our office on 031 309 5522 to discuss any options that may become available and to go onto the existing waiting list. Please note these rarely become available as corporates' are reluctant to release their Marquee as the demand is huge.

Hospitality Packages
There are various companies providing hospitality packages on the day.

Please click here to view all the companies offering hospitality packages and their contact details...